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Medicinska rör och rördelar

Vårt sortiment av Medicinska rör och rördelar  Art. Nr.  Dimensioner 32936610001 SAMEDICAL KOPPARRÖR 15X1,0MM 32936610002 T-RÖR INV LÖDN ALLA GREN 15MM 32936610003 CU-VINKEL FÖR INV LÖDN 15MM90G 32936610004 MUFF MED STOPP INV LÖDN 15MM 32936610005 FÖRM.MUFF FÖR INV LÖDN 15X10MM 3293661


USE:for soldering, brazing and point heating. Art. Nr. Type(∅) Consum.PB (g/h) Output(kW/h) Length(mm) 17160 11 mm 511 6,58 190 17129 3 mm 41 0,53 180 17137 5 mm 120 1,55 180 17145 7 mm 222 2,86 185 17152 9 mm 380 4,89 185 TECHNICAL DATA Working pressure: 1,5 - 2,0 bar Gas: P, PB  


Whole medical range is available on gcehealthcare.com MediEject II is the next generation of suction ejector from GCE Healthcare that uses the venturi principle to generate vacuum. The MediEject II has best in class performance in vacuum depth, gas consumption and noise level. MediEject II is mainly used in healthcare organizations where a vacuum source is not available. MediEject II can be used instead of a vacuum regulator and can be used for


Device which enables to connect humidifier to the combi valve.


Device which enables valving of the combi valve to cylinder without removing the guard connected to the combi valve.


Whole medical range is available on gcehealthcare.com High pressure regulator for use with medical gas cylinders equipped with a medical cylinder valve. Regulator with flow selector. Rotating pressure gauge which allows convenient reading 360° swivelling outlet – it enables better orientation of the nasal cannula or oxygen mask towards the patient (preventing from twisting) Innovative self centering flow setting device with conti


Whole medical range is available on gcehealthcare.com MEDICAL HIGH PRESSURE REGULATORS Regulator with pressure outlet, constantly adjusted flow or with flowmeter Rotating pressure gauge which allows convenient reading Ergonomic and streamlined design Easy cleaning surface Compact and user friendly 735100000414 MediReg II leaflet EN TECHNICAL DATA Gas: O2, Air, N2O, CO2, O2/N2O Inlet pressure: Up to 300 bar Outlet pr


Whole medical range is available on gcehealthcare.com MediEvac+ is a vacuum regulator system, which allows the user efficiently and safely control suction therapy. Compact and lightweight medical vacuum regulator system The suction level of the Medievac+ is regulated via an easy accessible, front mounted control knob A special feature of the Medievac+ on-off valve is easy resumption of the selected de-pressure value, when the treatment is i


Whole medical range is available on gcehealthcare.com Medimeter® is a flowmeter intended for control and measurement air or oxygen flow which is administered to patients. ADVANTAGES Flat surface float allows easy and safe reading of flow values by the users Ergonomic desing, easy for cleaning Available with probe connector, rail mounting with a hose and twin versions Soft closing mechanism Resistant float against impact Ne


Device which enables to hang medical gas package on hospital bed.